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The Financial Mechanics of Giving Stock Instead of Cash

Giving stock instead of cash can offer powerful advantages. In part of one of a three part series about giving stock, Bob & Bryan talk about how and why a giver might choose to give stock in this year’s tax environment.

Donating stock with unrealized capital gains is easy and often advantageous to givers. One hundred percent of the capital gains on the stock go directly to a giver’s NCF Giving Fund.

Graph of stock giving
Giving stock through an NCF donor advised fund is easy.

Bob and Bryan use a simple example to illustrate the potential tax advantages of donating stock to your favorite ministry. In the example scenario below, the stock gift results in a $72,000 potential tax savings!

stock sale vs stock gift
Donating stock can offer an advantage over selling the stock yourself.

There may also be an advantage to giving stock instead of cash. An equivalent gift of $100,000 could result in a $32,000 advantage for a stock gift vs. a cash gift.

cash gift vs stock gift
Donating stock instead of cash could increase the power of your gift to your favorite ministry.